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Time kasih coz sudi singgah ke blog picisan lagi mengarut ni. Blog ini adalah blog peribadi saya sendiri. Maka sebarang pendapat, statement, gambar2, dan segala-galanya yang di hakktuihhkan adalah milik tuan tanah blog ini (saya la tu) melainkan sumbernya dinyatakan oleh saya sendiri.

Anda boleh 'copy & paste' artikel yang anda suka. TETAPI, sila KREDITkan kembali kepada blog saya.

Blog ini juga TIDAK mengamalkan konsep, "I Follow U so U KENA FOLLOW Blog I".

Jadi, sama-samalah kita memeriahkan dunia blog!! [xde kaitan kot~ ahaha] English memang ke laut sket. Hahahaha~

Friday, December 19, 2008


tengah aku bersiar2 dlm site2 kat alam siber ini...
tibe2 aku tertarik dgn artikel yang ditulis oleh prncss!
bace la ape yang she wrote bout da quality bout girl!
for now, let me just start with the most basic thing tht every girl should have; the 3Bs. what is it u ask? well, my mum told me this once, 'what makes a guy adore a girl is when she is confident with her beauty, loves her body and uses her brain.' let me elaborate;

- guys, the first criteria they look for in a girl; obviously they go for her looks. but u have to remember that beauty is very2 subjective. some defines it this way, some defines it that way. so just be happy with how you look & have confidence. take good care of urself (hygeine, looks, face etc) and u can add some little extra things like putting some make up on (i repeat, some. usually guys dont like girls with too much make up. but hey, if u like it, go ahead. as long as it suits u & u do it well, they wont complaint. i mean, who would if you're pretty right?), dress up (dressing up is the best part of being a girl. use it!), and smile always! (make sure u take good care of ur teeth. pearl white teeth are always a bonus!) u dont have to be model beautiful to get a guy & go under the knife to get celebrity beauty, all u need is just proper care of urself and maintain it. okay?
*they say a girl is beautiful in the eyes of the guy who adores her* :))

- when i say 'loves her body', i dont mean supermodel figure or celebrity hot body. all im saying is just love ur body the way it is. i know a lot of u girls out there are trying to get the super skinny size 00 and starving yourself in order to achieve it. my advise, stop hurting yourself. this whole 0 is the new 2 and 8 is the new 14 is bogus. be happy in whatever size u are and live a healthy life. exercise, eat properly (a healthy diet, not some dangerous-fast-effecting diet), take enough nutriens & vitamins that is needed for your body, and pamper urself once in a while. it doesnt hurt to give urself a manicure once in a while or hit the sauna. ;) plus, no guy would wanna date a girl who wont even eat during their dates, let alone a girl who's got health problems & body issues like aneroxia and bulimia. remember, once a guy has fallen for you, they'll accept you for who u are. if not, they're just jerks and soo not worth ur time.

- this is very very important for a girl. remember Pink singing Stupid Girls? seriously, there are not much girls with brains now. everybody just wanna be like Paris Hilton, or whoever it is they see one tv who's always superhot and dumb. i mean, come one. what's so great about being a dumb blonde and acting like a bimbo? to be honest, guys dont really like stupid girls. yeah, okay, they date them but they're never for keeps. these girls are just girls tht they wanna play around with, not someone they picture themselves with seriously. guys like girls with identity, intelligence and smart. dont get me wrong, im not saying they want girls with masters or phd, they just want a girl who knows a thing or two about stuffs, who can actually talk about things that matters and can actually stand for something they believe in. someone with dignity & pride, someone with a mind of their own. and having an interesting hobby wont hurt too, like sports (rock climbing, tennis etc), music (instruments, singing, dancing etc), writing (lyrics, poems, novels etc), arts (painting, drawing, sculpture etc). its actually something that'll make you stand out from the rest of the girls he's met before.
so think about it, no guy (at least decent ones) would want to date a girl who has no confidence with herself, has body issues and acts like a bimbo. they want someone who is comfortable with herself, happy with the way she is and is content. so before anything, love yourself. have confidence, and find urself some interesting hobbies or activites that you can gain knowlegde from it. who knows, it might come in handy in getting that special someone's attention. *winks*

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