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Friday, April 26, 2013

Bear with it Hani.

I am not a movie freak, or comic maniac,
or Manchester United die hard fan,
or observe history of music evolutions,
or even be a politic analyst.

We are totally different and lived in our own world.
But, I don't know why we fall in love with each others.
I guess it is correct when people said LOVE IS BLIND.

But, hurt is also blind.
It can be in my heart, in your mind, or in their soul.
It's hurt. Really hurt.

I try my best to bear and hide everything.
But, I am a human being.
I can't keep every feel deep inside my heart forever.
But, at the same time, I don't want to be someone that keep saying and continue living in the past.
I don't want to be someone that always thinking and complaining about the past.

Sometimes, when I looked back at your past,
when she was your girl.
I am doubt. With myself.
Am I good enough? Am I care about you enough?
Looking at her, comparing between me and her,
looking at those pictures, reading all the sweet things that you have said to her,
it looks perfect. So fucking perfect.
Compare to our stories, it makes me wonder.
How long you will bear with me?
How long I can cope with you?

I hope she realize that she had the best man in the world.
She should realize how lucky she was when she had you and most of your time.
She should realize how lucky she was when she had you and your concerns and attentions.
And I really hope that she realized how lucky she was when she had YOU and YOUR LOVE.

Maybe we are too rush in our relationship.
Maybe I be too pushy to you.
It is still early (too early) for both of us to think too far about our future.
We should give ample time to ourselves.
To think and realize that how much important both of us in each others life.
I should give you time.
Busy with work will make us exhausted.
Exhaustion leads to irrelevant and irrational thinking that might lead to making wrong decision.

Just bear with it.
Bear with it Hani.
Sabar itu separuh daripada iman.
What should you do when 'it is your time to face all this'?
It happen when 'you enter to his life when he is in that condition'.
Just bear with it.
Bear with it Hani.

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