Emosi yang tak stabil adalah perkara biasa dalam hidup saya sekarang~ (o_O✿)

Time kasih coz sudi singgah ke blog picisan lagi mengarut ni. Blog ini adalah blog peribadi saya sendiri. Maka sebarang pendapat, statement, gambar2, dan segala-galanya yang di hakktuihhkan adalah milik tuan tanah blog ini (saya la tu) melainkan sumbernya dinyatakan oleh saya sendiri.

Anda boleh 'copy & paste' artikel yang anda suka. TETAPI, sila KREDITkan kembali kepada blog saya.

Blog ini juga TIDAK mengamalkan konsep, "I Follow U so U KENA FOLLOW Blog I".

Jadi, sama-samalah kita memeriahkan dunia blog!! [xde kaitan kot~ ahaha] English memang ke laut sket. Hahahaha~

Friday, November 22, 2013

Doa untuk orang yang berdukacita


Terlalu banyak cerita dalam hati yang tak mampu Cik Hani nak kongsi dekat blog ni. Tak mampu dan tak sempat. Allahumma Yassir Wa La Tu'assir. Permudahkanlah segala urusanku Ya Allah.

Cik Hani masih dalam keadaan emosi yang tak stabil Tadi, salah seorang kawan FB Cik Hani pun tetiba up status pasal putus asa dan tak mampu nak lalui ujian yang dia lalui.

Bila jadi macam tu, Cik Hani tergerak nak berkongsi sekali doa yang Cik Hani biasa baca waktu bersedih.

Doa ni untuk elak kemudharatan dan gangguan sihir. Tapi, Cik Hani baca jugak doa ni. Cik Hani baca dan setiap kali perkataan La Yadhurru tu, Cik Hani tekankan dalam hati bahawa tiada dukacita yang mampu memudharatkan Cik Hani. Yakin dan ingatkan hati sendiri bahawa tiada dukacita yang mampu memudharatkan kita. Tiada.

Semoga dapat membantu kalian yang sedang berdukacita di luar sana. Dukacita, putus asa, rasa sakit, mengalah dan ingin pergi jauh tu adalah perasaan orang yang tertekan. Berdoa dan yakinlah bahawa Tuhan akan membantu kita lalui waktu kesukaran ni.

Jaga diri, jaga hati.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

10 Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two


Another copy paste entry which is I found it damn funny. Hahahaha!!

10 Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two

1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up.

2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.

3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese.)

4. At two, baths are a ten minute event, the result of which is a clean child. At three, baths take over an hour, and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mommy and 16 used towels.

5. At two, they wear diapers that can be changed on your watch. At three, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels.

6. At two, they are distracted by a box of Gerber Puffs at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list.

7. At two, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable. At three, they insist on picking out their clothes, looking like pint sized versions of mental institution inhabitants.

8. At two, they don’t like to get dirty. At three, they thrive on it.

9. At two, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time. At three, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOR-fucking-EVER.

10. At two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it.

28 Rules For Fathers Of Sons


Ni entry copy paste. Cik Hani suka. Kalau ada anak lelaki nanti, harap2 my hubby will do this to our son.

28 Rules For Fathers Of Sons

1. Love his Mother. He will learn to love like you love, and hate like you hate. So choose love for both of you. Devote yourself to it. Love with your whole heart and express that love each and every day. Then, someday down the road, you will see the way he loves his own wife, and know that you played a part in that.

2. Let him drive. Every child remembers the first time they drove on daddy’s lap. For that one moment, he will believe that he is just. like. you.

3. Teach him to be picky. Especially when it comes to women and burgers. Teach him to never settle.

4. Take him to a ball game. There is something about sharing a day of hot dogs, sunshine and baseball with your father.

5. Love with Bravery. Boys have this preconceived notion that they have to be tough. When he is young, he will express his love fully and innocently. As he grows, he will hide his feelings and wipe off kisses. Teach him to be a man who rubs them in instead. It takes courage for a man to show love: teach him to be courageous.

6. Talk about sex. Sometimes, boys need to know that all men are created equal.

7. Teach him to be a man’s man. Show him how to be brave and tough around the guys. Then, remind him on the ride home that it is okay to cry.

8. Share secrets together. Communicate. Talk. Talk about anything. Let him tell you about girls, friends, school. Listen. Ask questions. Share dreams, hopes, concerns. He is not only your son, you are not only his father. Be his friend too.

9. Teach him manners. Because sometimes you have to be his father, not just his friend. The world is a happier place when made up of polite words and smiles.

10. Teach him when to stand-up and when to walk away. He should know that he doesn’t have to throw punches to prove he is right. He may not always be right. Make sure he knows how to demand respect- he is worthy of it. It does not mean he has to fight back with fists or words, because sometimes you say more with silence.

11. Teach him to choose his battles. Make sure he knows which battles are worth fighting- like for family or his favorite baseball team. Remind him that people can be mean and nasty because of jealousy, or other personal reasons. Help him to understand when to shut his mouth and walk-away. Teach him to be the bigger better person.

12. Let him dance in tighty whiteys. Dance alongside him in yours. Teach him that there are moments when it is okay to be absolutely ridiculous.

13. Share music. Introduce him to the classics and learn the words to the not-so-classics. Create a rock band with wooden instruments, share your earphones, and blast Pink Floyd in the car. Create a soundtrack to your lives together.

14. Let him win. Sometimes he needs to know that big things are possible.

15. Teach him about family. Let him know family is always worth fighting for. Family is always worth standing up for. At the end of the day, he has you to fall back on, and pray to God that you will have him.

16. Father him. Being a father—to him—is undoubtedly one of your greatest accomplishments. Share with him the joys of fatherhood, so one day he will want to be a father too. Remind him over and over again with words and kisses that no one will ever love him like you love him.

17. Listen to him now. If you don’t listen to the little things now, he won’t share the big things later.

18. Let him try on your shoes. Even if they are old and smelly. Let him slip his little feet in and watch him as he hopes like hell that someday he can fill them. He will fill them.

19. Give him bear hugs. The kind that squeezes his insides and make him giggle. The kind of hug only a daddy can give.

20. Give him baths. Because Mom can’t do everything damnit.

21. Teach him how to pee standing up. Let him pee outside- such is the joy of being a man. Mom cannot teach this talent, so someone has to.

22. Know the answers. He will assume you do. If you don’t know them, pretend you do and look them up later.

23. Toss him around. Because little boys love seeing the strength of their father. Throw him up in the air, so that he knows you will always be there to catch him on his way down.

24. Ask his mother. He will come to you with questions that he won’t always want to ask his mother, about girls and about love. Ask her anyway, she will know the answers.

25. Love him like you would love a daughter. Little girls are not the only ones who need hugs and kisses. Love is the color yellow of emotions. It is both happy and gender neutral.

26. Grow a big belly. Because every child should get the chance to rest their head on the absolute softest pillow ever. Daddy’s belly is the best place to land.

27. Don’t say, do. American inventor Charles F. Kettering once said, “every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.” Be a good one.

28. Be his hero. You are anyway. To him, you have the strength of Batman, the speed of Spiderman and the brain of Ironman. Don’t disappointment. Prove to him that Daddy’s are the biggest heroes of all. Only Daddy’s can save the day.

After all, good fathers make good sons.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random #11 Tipu & Tak Jujur


Masih dalam kecelaruan emosi. Oleh itu, sila jawab pertanyaan di bawah :

  • Apa korang akan buat kalau orang yang korang percaya tipu korang?
  • Apa korang akan buat kalau kawan korang tak jujur dengan korang?
  • Apa yang korang akan buat bila dapat tahu yang kawan korang tu dah tipu korang tapi dia still buat muka slumber and tegur n cakap2 dengan korang macam xde pape yang berlaku?
  • Apa yang korang akan buat kalau korang jumpa orang yang pentingkan diri sendiri?

Tipu dengan tak jujur tu sama je konsep dia. Lebih kurang. Tipu tu memang dia dah niat nak menipu dari awal lagi. Tak jujur tu bila dia ada niat nak bagitau perkara sebenar tapi dia simpan dulu. Tapi konsep dia sama. TIPU.

Kalau korang dapat kawan macam ni, apa yang korang nak buat? Cik Hani dah penat dengan semua ni. Tapi, salah sendiri gak. Sendiri cari pasal. Sendiri nak tahu sendiri tanggung la luka tu.

Payah nak terangkan situasi dan punca sebenar entry ni. Semua masalah dulu datang balik dalam otak ni macam wayang. Babik! I hate this situation.

Monday, November 11, 2013



Atok. Haritu Yong balik kampung, Atok asyik tido je sebab Atok memang dah tak sihat. Harini Atok 'tidur untuk selamanya'. Al-Fatihah.

*** Tu status kelmarin. ***
Still not in the mood.

Atok. Yong sentuh Atok masa sebelum Yong balik KL aritu. Yong usap bahu Atok nak bagitau Yong dah nak balik KL. Atok bukak mata kejap je. Semalam last Yong dapat sentuh dahi Atok masa mandikan Atok. Semalam last Yong dapat sentuh bahu Atok masa nak letak tilam bawah jenazah Atok. Semalam last Yong dapat solat jenazah untuk Atok sebelum diorang usung jenazah Atok ke kubur.

Harini, tahun kedua Cik Yem tinggalkan kita semua dan hari kedua Atok tinggalkan kami semua. Selamat jalan. Kita semua bakal menyusul kelak.

Al-Fatihah untuk Atok (Nordin B. Yeop Jana) & Pakcik Ibrahim Mohamed Nasir

 *** Tu status harini. ***

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random #10 Lari


Harini rasa caca marba balik. Rasa nak lari je dari semua ni. Rasa nak apply kerja ke sambung belajar ke dekat oversea. Mana-mana la. Asalkan dapat lari dari sini. Rasa nak pergi jauh dari Malaysia ni. Allahumma Yassir Wa La Tu'assir.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kenapa lelaki suka tipu?


Haritu Cik Hani post soalan dekat facebook Cik Hani. Cik Hani post ni :

Kenapa lelaki suka tipu?

Ok. Tukar soalan kontroversi ni kepada soalan versi akademik sket.

1. a) Sukarkah untuk bercakap jujur dan mengamalkan sikap berterus terang? Sokong penjelasan anda dengan memberikan DUA (2) contoh yang sesuai. (8 markah)

b) Berdasarkan ulasan anda untuk soalan 1 a), senaraikan TIGA (3) faktor utama yang menyebabkan individu memilih untuk MENIPU. (12 markah)


Nampak sangat kecelaruan emosi sampai buat soalan ni jadi soalan exam. (exam paper tak buat lagi..aaaaa!!!). Make it general la kay. Kenapa kita tipu pasangan kita. KITA ya, baik lelaki mahupun perempuan.

Ni jawapan kawan Cik Hani :

Sang Tenuk Jawapan:


a) Lelaki kadang-kadang terpaksa menipu demi menjaga hati pasangannya.
i) Seorang kawan perempuan mengajak si lelaki minum bersama, dan dengan tiba-tiba teman wanita si lelaki ini telefon dan dia terpaksa menipu agar tidak berlaku syak wasangka.
ii) Selalunya perempuan sukar untuk menerima jawapan dengan hati yang terbuka maka si lelaki terpaksa untuk menipu demi menjaga hati.

a) Tidak ramai pasangan yang akan menerima jawapan temannya dengan hati yang terbuka.
b) Si lelaki cuba MENENANGKAN hati si pasangannya dengan menipu.
b) Cuma sedikit yang benar-benar SUKA untuk menipu dari berkelakuan jujur terhadap pasangannya.

p/s: harap dapat markah penuh! hahaha

Jadi, boleh tak jawapan tu? Mari fikir dan bincangkan bersama. Dalam entry seterusnya (bila-bila rajin) Cik Hani bagitau kenapa Cik Hani boleh tergerak nak buat status ni. Sekarang tengah emo. Tak boleh. Nanti banyak carutan dan makian yang keluar. Bwahahaha!!